Friday, August 24, 2007


First up, I want to tell people that I believe that Coheed and Cambria is one of the best band I've ever heard. Seriously. Try listening to Welcome Home, or In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth. They're both awesome. Here's the countdown to their much-anticipated album, No World For Tomorrow (the full name of the album's a little too long) .

P/s: My birthday's on Aug 25th, Kobe's on Aug 23rd. Cool.

Friday, August 3, 2007

we lost

Me, Will and John

I know we look happy in the picture, but trust me when I say that we were all pretty pissed off with ourselves. Our team lost in the quarterfinals to the team that later went on to become champs. How good were them? They limited us to 14 points in 10 minutes of game time. Crud. I was so disappointed because after playing those guys and watching the other teams play, I'm certain that our team could've won second place. I felt so down that I left the tourney after losing the match and played in uitm.

I had a good game at UiTM, though. I had good fast break runs, defended the perimeter well, had a couple of made contested jump-shots, the game-winning assist and it made me feel a tad bit better. I needed the game because losing in the tourney was a huge blow for me. I shall wait with anticipation for the next tourney, hoping for it to be better organized and officiated.

By the way, I've been playing basketball for five straight days including today so I've been really tired at nights and mornings. I haven't touched my novels and had no progress with my remix. Life was all about basketball this past 5 days. Hopefully that'll change come next week but I need the weekend to fully recover. Physically and psychologically. Sigh.

P/s: I had a slight ankle sprain yesterday and I think I aggravated it by playing today. Things you do for love.