Sunday, April 29, 2007

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This song's by Shanon Shah. He wrote the musics & lyrics. Dude's from Alor Star, apparently.(pulun Kedah pulun)I first heard this song on the Cinta soundtrack. Been listening to the song (on average) 3 times a day for the past week. Really cool if you're into that whole manja2, nakal2, i lap u kinda thing. Here's the lyrics. Cheers.

Sedapnya hati tidak jemu
Tak sabar bermanja
Hanya sehari tak bertemu
Macam selamanya

Rindukan tawamu
Yang menyegarkanku

Aku terseksa dengan sendu
Bila engkau jauh
Bila terasa sentuhanmu
Aku terus sembuh

Aku bermimpi riang terbang
Pagi sampai senja
Cinta dihati
Sudah kembang
Untuk engkau saja

Tidur atau jaga
Rindu sentiasa

Aku terseksa dengan sendu
Bila engkau jauh
Bila terasa sentuhanmu
Aku terus sembuh

Aku tak pernah bercinta
Sampai terbalik seluruh duniaku
Hanya satu yg kupinta
Jangan tinggalkan aku

Aku merayu oh kekasih
Belailah hatiku
Bila ku layu lagi sedih
Curahlah kasihmu

Kau dakaplah aku
Sembuhkan piluku

Aku terseksa dengan sendu
Bila engkau jauh
Bila terasa sentuhanmu
Aku terus sembuh

Jika kau rasa sepertiku
Bila aku jauh
Biarlah dua jadi satu
Bersama selalu

Hanya kau dan aku

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My first Hindi movie moment

Hindi movie moment - a moment in time that makes you feel like you're in a Hindi movie.

This happened sometime during 2004.

So how did the day start? Like crap. I had to wake up early for this MARA interview and had to go all the way to MARA HQ in KL. I spent a few hours waiting for my turn while sitting on a very uncomfortable chair. Almost got my cover blown by my interviewer(interviewer: so your CV says that you know basic programming...)

Of course, a day like that wouldn't be in a Hindi movie unless something extremely corny happened in between. So here's the in-between part. During my hours upon hours of waiting, i kept on looking at this girl. She had long straight hair(rebonding ke? taklah, syampu je), wore glasses and looked good in a baju kurung. My Hindi movie started after I went out of the waiting area to answer a phone call.

After hours of imagining myself talking to this lovely girl(instead of preparing for my interview) I actually saw that there were no more seats in the waiting area except for one spot next to the girl. Coincidence? Or a Hindi movie director at work?

I sat down. Kept on looking at all sorts of direction other than hers. After a few sessions of heavy breathing on my part, I managed to talk to her for a few minutes before an old guy started to talk to me about how he's worried about his son's interview. After the old guy was done, I turned to face her but at that same exact moment the clerk called me up. I had to go for my interview.

Before that, let me explain why I think the girl was special. First of all, she's fluent in English which is quite rare among Malays. Secondly, she's not a stuck-up snob like most of the Malays who are fluent in English. Thirdly, she's blessed both physically(beautifully cute) and mentally(10A1s for her SPM). Now on with the story.

Of course, I didn't go straight to the interview. The MARA people made me wait for another half an hour or so on a small chair outside the actual interview room. Whatever it is, I got through my interview and went back to the waiting area with hopes of continuing my chat. She wasn't there. She must have been assigned to a different room. I took the elevator down. Can't really remember the trip.

I remember spending less than a minute on the ground floor before I started running through the stairs all the way to the third floor. I went through the waiting area and started to search for the girl. Turned out she was merely inches away from the first door i opened. She was still waiting for her interview.

me : (still trying to catch breath) Hi.
her : (puzzled)Hi...
me : ok. i know that you might think that i'm weird, and stuff, but can i have your number?

That was basically how the thing went. I won't go into detail about what happened next. Suffice to say that I had my first Hindi movie moment that day. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy runs back up the stairs to search for girl. Typical, huh?

Embracing The Cliches

Most blogs start out with a post that describes a little bit about the writer. I shall do the same.

First of all, I'm not going to tell people what my name is, so don't bother asking. I'm just doing this blogging thing to vent out. I'm not even advertising this blogspot to my friends. All you guys need to know, to put my future posts in perspective, is I'm a 20 year old Malay male.This is probably the only place for me to rant without having to worry about people's judgments. That's why I choose to be anonymous.

Warning to readers: I don't write about meaningful things, hence the title, pointless cerita. Most of my future posts would be about my constant ramblings, my stories, my thoughts, me. I am selfish in this sense.

I think I'm starting to scare you guys. Haha.