Monday, May 21, 2007

A Good Weekend

How good was the weekend? Really good, I should say. Let's start with Friday eve.

I was at home when Mislan texted me saying that there's going to be people playing ball at uItm later that night. I went there and played my heart out. Now this may not sound as good as it was, but You have to take into account that uItm is closed for the holidays and I won't be getting chances like that anytime soon. The best part about playing that night? I had a game against the Phantoms. They were having a friendly with the players there so I just joined in. You know what? The Phantoms are good. Real good. Proper execution, very few turnovers, tight defense. They were good. Damn.

Saturday - My cousins came and hanged out at my house. The best part about it was that I get to play with my little nephews. Cute. I took a few videos and pictures while they were there. What surprised me that day was that eventhough the kids don't know how to talk yet, they actually do understand instructions. I told one of my nephews to get me the grey remote and what did he do? He got me the grey remote. That was so cool.
Anyways, Saturday was also cool because Chelsea won the FA cup final in extra time. The match was crap, to say the least, but the goal was good and winning the cup does act as consolation for the Premiership loss. Oh well, back to drawing board, Jose. Next season's gonna be awesome! Oh, and Mila won AF5, so I'm happy. Hehe.

Sunday - Went to see Adibah Noor, Siti Nurhaliza and M Nasir's show to celebrate Mother's day. They were good. My mom had fun, so I feel good too.

The closer - Ended the weekend on a good note. I saw Ghost Whisperer and almost cried. By the way, I have had a huge crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt since the late 90s, and it was fun to see her having her own show and stuff. Why did I *almost* cry? Because the episode was about a ghost trying to find his son(sort of, it's just too complicated to explain). I'm a sucker for the whole father-son scenario.

Conclusion - What conclusion? I just had a good weekend. This ain't no academic essay man. Haha..

Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogging is crapping?

I read it in one of my friend's blog. Blogging is crapping. She was trying to justify how her blogs are all messed up in terms of grammar and stuff but I think that she does have a point. Blogging is supposed to be a stress-free outlet for one to write without having to worry about structure. Once you start thinking about how to write, you're not writing honestly. It's like writing in school as opposed to writing in your diary.

So what's the deal? I'm going to keep on crapping, writing without thinking about all the academical aspects of a "proper essay". I'm going to be honest with my readers, if there are any, because pointless cerita is my blog. Once I start embellishing my stories, it's no longer my blog. So trust me when I say that everything that I write about in this here page is honest to god true to my account.

p/s : i got a basketball tourney on the 24th in KDU. come watch!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My best game yet

Stop reading this post if you're not into basketball, or is offended by people talking about how good they are. Seriously.

I'm a basketball freak, and I play at UiTM Shah Alam on average 3 times a week. Despite my passion for the sport, I'm definitely a below average player there. I have a really hard time trying to compete with the players there, but I do so anyway because I love the game too much to not play. UiTM Shah Alam's got some wicked Malay ballers, W.I.C.K.E.D, and that's most probably the reason why I love playing there in the first place.

So here's how each day goes. Once there's at least 10 people on the court, we'll play a game of 5 on 5, full-court, 2s and 3s, first one to 21 wins, king stays. Every other game after that is only played til 15, all other rules are maintained. On Monday, 7th May, I had my best game in UiTM yet.

My team played 3 games on that day. We won the first two, lost the 3rd one. In the 2nd game, I was on FIRE(extremely rare). Out of the 15 points my team scored, I had 11 of them. A breakdown of my 11 points? 3 0f 3 from beyond the arc, and the gamewinning jumper. I shot treys like it was automatic, and my gamewinning jumper got off with a guy's hand in my face. Words just can't describe how I felt when I saw the ball went through the net time and time again. My stroke was smooth, rainbows every single time. It was the first time in a LONG time that I screamed out halahala on a basketball court.

The game was great especially taking into account that I'm absolutely terrible on most days, and average on my better days. That day was freaking awesome by my standards. I'm not trying to boast, I'm just trying to share my joy over something that (most probably) happens once every ten years for me. Bear with me.

After losing the 3rd game, I sat near the court and lit up a cig. In Mislan's own words, "Sial ar PG, shoot masuk je". Halahala...

P/S : The Spiderman 3 soundtrack is cool if you're into what American teenagers listen to nowadays. Sort of got the same vibe as the One Tree Hill-Friends with Benefits soundtrack.