Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Emo Song of the Week

Dazmelon - Terbang
The original version of this song is so energetic yet still mushy. It's exactly what you'd imagine a rocker who's truly in love would sing. However, I couldn't find a proper video for this song on Youtube. Instead, cringe listen as yours truly sing off-key while helplessly playing the guitar. As usual, lines that interest me are bold.

Andai bisa ku terbang,
Tinggi di awan,
Kan ku terbang sayap impian,
Melayang tinggi diruangan angkasa.

Namun semua hanya impian,
Yang tak mungkin bisa ku janjikan,
Seperti apa yang terjadi di kisah khayalan,

Hanya mimpi yang bisa ku janjikan,
Realiti ini bukannya seperti mimpi sang puteri.

Maafkan aku melukai mu,
Maafkan ku kerna tak bisa,
Ku hadirkan semua mimpi-mimpi mu,

Pegang tangan ku pejam mata mu,
Dan selami hati yang berbunga,

Dan pastinya kau kan melayang,
Terbang di angkasa.

Bersama ku berdua jelajahi kisah cinta,
Seperti di dalam kisah sang arjuna,

Kita terbang bersama,
Berdua diruangan angkasa,
Bahagia cinta tercipta,
Biar pun bukan di realitinya

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advice Taken, Bro

"Don't stop writing, man."
Since we were both in the middle of dribbling/shooting inside the court, I was taken by surprise when Razif said that to me. Nobody would really expect this kind of talk during a basketball game, right? Unless you're Jesus Shuttlesworth and you're playing one-on-one with your dad, usually it's just trash talk, or girls, or more trash talk. He then started to talk about how Kurt Cobain was a great writer and if he didn't stop writing, he wouldn't have gone overboard on drugs and killed himself. Erm, yeah.
Anyways, Razif's right about Kurt. His lyrics talked of things outsiders wouldn't even think of finding in a 'grunge' song. And then there were some songs which were dark, cynical and depressing. Which brings me to Polly. I kid you not, when I first heard Polly, I thought it was about feeding a pet bird some crackers. The thing is, Kurt wrote the song after reading in a newspaper about a girl who was abducted after a gig. The girl was later raped and tortured with a blowtorch. So, erm, yeah.
p/s: Wrote this a couple of months ago but forgot to post it somehow. w.e.i.r.d.