Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black and Pink

Remember Comel? The girl that gave me cupcakes on my birthday? Yes, that girl. I actually asked her to be my date for a formal dinner a couple of days ago. I went for the same dinner last year, and it wasn't really any fun except for the good company I had at the time. I didn't expect much out of this year's dinner, and since the organizer already pressured me into going I might as well have brought someone who'd at least entertain me. I didn't put much thought into the whole thing but Comel's sms on the morning before the dinner suggested otherwise.
"Fiq, i'm thinking of wearing a black n pink kebaya. so maybe it will be nice if u can get bj melayu yg sama colour =) "
First things first, I smiled when I got her text. I always smile when I get texts from her, especially when she sends me random sweet messages at different times of the day. Secondly, she actually put some thought into what to wear and wanted our outfits to match. Luckily my father owns a black Baju Melayu and a pink Kain Songket, but that's beside the point. What was amazing was the fact that I've told her how much I like seeing girls who wear Kebayas in the past, and she actually remembers it. I feel so appreciated. *grin*
As expected, the night came and she looked stunning in a black and pink Kebaya. The food was only so-so, the performances only slightly above average(except for M. Nasir and Estrella who were great) but I had a good time nevertheless. Managed to introduce Comel to a few of my friends and she looked comfortable. We had a little problem towards the end of the night, though.
After the dinner, Comel and I were already in my car when I realized that I didn't take any pictures throughout the whole night. I don't really mind not having pictures of M. Nasir, but how often would I get to take a picture with Comel while wearing matching outfits? So we went out of the car and proceeded back to the venue when I saw one of my friends who were in charge of photography that night. He agreed to take a picture of Comel and me and actually did so with the organizer's camera. In fact, he ended up taking quite a number of pictures of us posing. What was even more crazy was the fact that some other random guy actually came and stood behind my friend and started snapping as well. He must've thought we were some celebrity couple, the way he was taking pictures. Either that, or dude's just plain weird.
In conclusion, the dinner was good, the photo incident was funny and nice, Comel was great company, but the best part of the night was when Uzair(my good friend and head of the committee that organized the event) texted me later that night. What did he say?
"Bro, thx 4 comin. Awek dahlahot."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Suck At Blogging

Wait, let me rephrase that. I suck at updating my blog in a timely manner. Also, I almost always never decide what to write until I'm in front of the PC. That would explain why I sometimes decide to write about something but end up never typing them out. Plus, I never go through the whole process of editing/rewriting my posts unless there's a really annoying typo. Well, I'm just glad that I'll be able to read my posts in the future and go,"so that's how I felt like at the time".

I joined the Civil Engineering Faculty's basketball team in UiTM Shah Alam for a small tourney. Outsiders were not allowed, but none of the administration people knew that. Plus, most of the ballers in UiTM know me and didn't have a problem letting me play. We got 3rd place out of 16 teams, and I had fun playing my limited minutes. I enjoyed coming off the bench because I've always had issues with stamina and the team already had good players anyways. Overall, I was happy with the team and the tourney. Will go for the same competition again next year, God-willing.
Other than that, I'm sort of training with the Archers now. I don't have my own jersey yet or anything, so you can say that nothing's set in stone yet but I'm pretty sure that I'll be a regular in the lineup sooner or later. Had a friendly match a couple of weeks ago against Raves, which were the "team belasahan" during this year's MB Cup. We won by double digits, so I guess it's safe to say that we're above the "team belasahan" title.

I've been listening to XFresh FM a lot during these past few weeks. Still can't believe how good the Malaysian music scene is right now. Anyways, what attracted me the most to XFresh was the fact that they played 100% Malaysian music and had very minimal advertisements. Oh, and I like how laid-back the deejays are. They seriously sound like normal people that I talk to in everyday life as opposed to highly-paid professionals who try to sound cool. Kudos to XFM!

I celebrated my birthday recently. Had a calming day and sweet night. I went to take a nap in my car at about 10am, woke up about an hour after that and went for a fag. Proceeded to drive around, going through some places in Tmn Tun that reminded me of her. Finally stopped at the park and sat under a shade near my car. Read Archers' A Quiver Full of Arrows. Spent my lunch hour reading the book, and it gave me this contradicting feeling. I felt both empty and content at the same time.
Dinner was sweet, simple and short. Sweet, because I got cupcakes. Simple, because I just went out for dinner with a friend. Short, because she was wearing a short skirt. Let me elaborate.

On Sunday two weeks ago, a girl I knew asked me for a favor. I shall call her Comel for now, because I'm still unsure about using her real name here. She's not exactly a friend, merely an acquaintance. We've never spoken to each other before for longer than a few sentences and even though she is rather attractive I've never really tried to get to know her. We did sms each other from time to time, but we never hung out together. The only times I've met her were by chance, but I digress. So she asked me to pick her up from the KTM station and I agreed.
We ended up having lunch and it was awkward to say the least. Neither of us really felt comfortable at first but it wore down with time. She was so comfortable, in fact, that she told me that she was bored being home alone and that her housemates wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. I may have been a considered a fool by many, but I did not go to "keep her company" at home. In fact, in retrospect, I may have been turned off by it. No decent girl would talk of those matters on a first date, right?
Days passed by, and I actually got more and more comfortable with her. We went out almost everyday, I even brought her along to watch a Chelsea match with my guy friends, and I even went out for dinner with her on her birthday(only one week apart from mine). I even managed to get in her house one fine evening, although it was only for the intention of using the loo. What happened during that 10-minute visit really opened my eyes. She had the front door of her apartment wide-open throughout the whole time I was there. That simple act oozed Malay quality, and I had a newfound respect, and attraction, for her.
On my birthday, I picked her up from her place. I actually went up to her apartment, called her and waited to see her walk out her front door. I'm not sure why I did that, but I was glad I did. She wore a lively-colored t-shirt(fun-fair, she said) and a denim skirt, and was holding a white box with a maroon ribbon on it. Although it may not seem much to anyone else, I actually stood still with a silly grin. She looked beautiful, and I felt warm thinking about how much effort she put in by herself just to make it a special night for me. What was in the box, you ask? 16 cupcakes, each with colorful icing decorations. Four had the words "Happy 22nd Birthday"(she got the age wrong,so what?), four had hearts on it, four had a ladybug design(weird but cute, nevertheless) and the last four had each letter of my name.
The birthday dinner was sweet, simple and short. Sweet, because she went through a lot of trouble to celebrate my birthday. Simple, because it simply made me happy. Short, because I wish I could spend more time with her that night.