Thursday, September 13, 2007

Helllllooooo... frennn...

It's been almost a month since my last downdate and I don't think I'll be able to write about everything that's happened in the past month. I shall therefore choose very important things that I feel are important for me to share.

Firstly, astro on demand's Tai Chor Laa advert. I personally think that the ad is the best advert of the year so far. Of course, Petronas is going to come up with a soppy/funny ad for Raya but like I said, best advert of the year so far. I think that the actor in the ad is somewhat similar to Rowan Atkinson. Rowan's an intellectual guy from Harvard or something but he goes on to do Mr Bean. This guy, who I have yet to know his name, "act so stupid one" but I bet he's a smart lad.

I defied logic and went into a futsal tourney last week. I don't even have futsal shoes! My team's record for the tourney was 0-1-3. Didn't even get through the grouping stage. I can't believe how bad we sucked but it sort of reminds me of the days when I first started out playing basketball. The only difference here is that I don't have any desire to get better at futsal.

On to the next story, Ashraf Muslim came to play at uitm for two straight days which can only mean that he does not have any job offers right now. I have this fantasy where Acap(that's what people call him in itm) will see me doing one of my crazy tricks and asks me to become an extra on one of his shows. That'd be cool. (Acap, if you're reading this, PG wants to be an actor too!)

Play of the week - Sorry Bot but I have to write this thing in. Botak was running for a fast break and was near the rim, going for a lay-up. Out of nowhere, Sairil came and blocked the crap out of the ball. The ball must have went flying, man. Certainly worthy of being the play of the week. Now play that sportscenter play-of-the-day tune! Tenenet, tenenet!

Balls over boobs. I was talking to Block and Adam and we agreed that balls come before boobs. Why? Because a lot of guys are going out on dates during times that they should be playing basketball. It pisses me off sometimes. These guys claim that they love basketball so much but they don't put their priorities straight. I respect Wan when it comes to this. Wan Kidal, he brings his girlfriend to the court. It's almost like he says to his girl, "You wanna see me in between 5-7, i'm at the court" and the girlfriend understands and they spend time at the court in between games. That's just so wickedly cool. Multitasking, at its best.

What else? I finished Cara Selamatkan Nyawa but It'll take a few days before I put it on here. I got a new countdown image thingy for CoCa's new album(which got reviews so mad it got me jumping in my seat) but I'll most probably put it up the next time I downdate. I listened to Enter Shikari, which was really something else(Em, you'd really like it). Oh, and I went for this formal dinner where OAG performed and I have quite a lot to write about it but I'll wait. In case you didn't notice, this paragraph is like a preview for my next downdate. Adieu.