Thursday, January 8, 2009

Puzzling, Complicated, and Colorful

I stumbled across this thing while sitting in front of my laptop.

you're a passionate kiss on Sunday, a cold cheek on Tuesday

my car has never witnessed such confusion
you've weathered tears through the years
but the public never sees you without a smile
even while pushing me away, you smile
brushing me off with a child-like gesture
if your gestures were colors, you'd look like a fun-fair
these are all part of your beauty, not in an obvious way
because art demands scrutiny
and it took me a while before figuring this out
you're puzzling, complicated and colorful
just like a Rubick's Cube, you're beautiful

Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Emo Song of the Week

Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over
Everytime I hear this song, I imagine myself going on a roadtrip with my girlfirend(if I had one) and just having a great time together. The way the guitar comes in at the beginning of the song, the vocalists' intonation, in fact everything about this song just screams out this good vibe. Whenever I listen to this song, I can picture myself with her with not much money, basically just driving around the country and hanging out and chilling at places along the highway where there's nothing else but a great scenery. Fricking AWESOME!!! Anyways, I can't put just one or a few single lines in bold because I like the WHOLE lyrics. So here it is.

I had a dream last night we
Drove out to see Las Vegas
We lost ourselves in the bright lights
I wish you could've seen us
Begging for change to get home
Or at least San Francisco
Let's put a ten on the high card
And spend a summer on the West Coast

Down and to the left
(Here's the map and the pen, the place you pointed at)
Be California's best
(All I ask, all I ask)

And please don't tell me that I'm dreaming
When all I ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you
If I roll over when it's over
I'll take this Cali sunrise with me
And wake up with the fondest memories

We made love by the ocean
As the waves crashed around you
Sunsets never were so bright
And the skies never so blue
You opened up into my arms
And we laughed as I held you
I'll never go back to Georgia
Not at least till I have to

Back From Korea

Damn it's been so long since I've last blogged. More than a month? Wow. Hurm. Oh well.

I had a family vacation in Seoul about a week ago. We spent a couple of nights at Vivaldi Park near Mt Sorak and a few more in Seoul. I wasn't too keen on the holiday at first because of the fact that it was winter but the trip turned out to be quite enjoyable. There's quite a few things to blog about, I guess.

I fell in love during the trip... twice... with a life-size cardboard model and a girl on Youtube. Sounds pathetic, right? Not really. I just think it's funny. Vivaldi Park had their own spokesperson/model and she was freaking beautiful in a cute way. They had a few billboards with her face on it, and a couple of life-size cardboard models around the resort. I wanted to take the cardboard models into my room and make sweet love to it, but it was too hard to steal so I had to settle with just taking a few pictures with it. The girl from Youtube was a different story. I was browsing through the net and stumbled across this video.

She looked cute, she acted sengal, she could play the guitar and she sounded amazing. I fell in love. and then I saw this video.

Her face reminds me of Aziz M. Osman's ex-wife. And I've had a crush on her for ages! She's one of the few women who I think looks amazingly beautiful with or without the tudung, and I have a feeling that this girl has the same beauty. Anyways, her name(on Youtube, at least) is Cherubicgirllarh. Even if you don't think she's lovable, you should at least listen to her once because she really does sound good. I'm digressing..

Another story from that Korea trip -I had to smoke outside of the hotel we stayed in because my dad booked a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor in a hotel that has a non-smoking lobby(wait, did that make sense?). It was bad enough that I had to get into my hoodie/jacket everytime I wanted to smoke but I dropped my gloves halfway through the trip. Being the frugal man I am, I didn't buy a new pair so I had to endure the numbingly cold sensations running through my fingers whenever I feel like smoking. Not pleasant at all. So I managed to smoke without using my hands 90% of the time, keeping the cigarette butt constantly in my mouth and keeping my hands in my pockets most of the time. The only time I had to use my hands were when I had to light the cigs. Now that's a talent.

Will post more on subsequent days. I feel a tsunami of words(oh my god that sounds so lame) coming.