Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Poison

Dear Poison, i hate you.
Your venom has escalated to a new level,
and it has somehow found ways
of toying with space and time.
i feel like a small child when i'm near you,
and i stare and appreciate, amazed.
But you turn me into an emotional teen
complete with the brooding look
and dark get-up
when you turn me away.
And it feels like a turnover.
Even worse is The Poison
when it's applied slowly,
through a one-minute hug.
It turns me old,
well into my sunset,
i'm sure.
Because i kept on thinking,
"it's been too long, please don't leave again",
as if i've waited for 50 years,
like i'm that dude from that cholera-love-novel thingy,
through that one-minute hug.

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